Quality Policy

TCL Logistics Solutions is committed to give the customers, the entire satisfaction in terms of delivery, freight and 100% safety to their consignments. It is also committed to develop the business by maintaining excellent relationship with the customers by way of involving all employees and meeting the applicable statutory requirements.

Banned goods

The following goods are banned for transportation, and they must not be booked under any circumstances.

  • Rationed goods, Gas cylinders
  • Sandal wood, Forest produce goods, Cardamom, Cloves, and other contraband goods
  • Khanja, Liquor, Spirit, Acid
  • Country drugs, Kadukkai, Jaggary
  • RTX, Jellastin stick, Phosphorus, Uranium
  • Crackers, Match boxes and other flammable goods
  • Weapons, Bullets

Any other goods banned by State and Central Government

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